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Booking and Scheduling

Simply complete a new booking and proceed to checkout where you can then enter the voucher number to redeem the voucher.

With a voucher you still need to complete an online checkout as it secures your booking date and contact details to schedule your experience.

We fly all year round,every day that the weather allows us to fly safely and provide a good experience for you.

All confirmed bookings will be updated on weather conditions at 7pm the day before your booking and again in the morning of your flight to ensure the weather allows us to give you a great flight.

Alternatively you can reach us on any of our electronic channels or contact us on

+27 72 608 5574 Garden Route  
+27 63 688 9263 Cape Town

Paraglide Africa offers tandem paraglide flights in the Garden Route and Cape Town. (Be sure to book for the correct region)

Wilderness area we fly mostly from Sedgefield, Map of Africa, Wilderness beach hotel, Paradise Ridge, Serpentine, and Kleinkrantz.

In Cape Town, we fly from mostly from Signal Hill or Lions Head. On some occasions we also fly at Sir Lowrie's pass, Du Toit's Kloof pass, Franschoek pass, and Paarl rock.

Cape Town:

R1700 for a 6-15mins flight (Weather dependent)

Inflight pictures and videos R300


Garden Route:

R1100 for 10-15 min flight

R1750 for Adventure Flight (20min)

Inflight pictures and videos R300

Don't leave paragliding till your last day as it is weather dependent. There is always the risk that we might have to postponed due to safety reasons and you miss the opportunity of a lifetime, thus book it early in your holiday.

Generally speaking between 10 am and 2 pm the thermic winds allow us to have the optimal conditions for height gain although many other possibilities exist and some of the most magical flights can be done anywhere from sunrise to sunset.

Paragliding is a weather dependent activity and even looking at the best weather forecast we can still get it wrong as many factors are influencing the optimal flying environment. By making a booking we will help you to schedule the best time based on previous experience as well as your available timeframe to complete the activity.

We love groups, besides experiences need to be shared. If you have 4 or more people please get in touch with us to arrange a better rate for you.

Our pilots will always record your inflight photo- and videography and even when you have not purchased it beforehand it will be available for purchase after the flight. Besides, it's not every day you get to do one of the coolest activities on the planet and get to share those memorable moments with the world. A picture is worth 1000 words and you have videos!

This is also a great way to reflect on your instructions received during your lesson

To secure your booking simply complete the checkout procedure online and select COD(Cash on delivery) as your payment method to complete your booking by using your card. Alternatively we have card facilities on site.

Alternatively you can Book your preferred time slot and pay only the booking deposit(refundable if not safe to fly) - This also allows us to schedule you into our schedule and keep you update with any weather changes thus giving you a better experience.

Tour guides and operators please contact us to make a booking for your group.  The earlier the better as we can then better accommodate you by ensuring we have enough tandemI nstructors to ensure every member of your tour gets the best flight possible.


Tandem paragliding is not scary at all as you are with an experienced instructor at all times.

Your instructor will guide you throught the whole process with a pre-flight safety briefing, comboined with in air instructions and a post-flight debriefing.

Before, during and after the flight you can easily talk to your instructor and let him know how you are feeling. But do sit back, relax and enjoy the flight lesson!

Paragliding is an exhilarating adventure sport that involves flying a lightweight, free-flying glider aircraft. Pilots launch themselves into the air by foot from a hill or a mountain, or sometimes with the assistance of a tow from a vehicle or winch. Once in the air, pilots harness the natural elements of wind and air currents to maintain flight and control their direction and altitude.

Paragliders are constructed from fabric and lines, with an open fabric wing that resembles a parachute. The pilot is suspended beneath the wing in a harness, which is connected to the glider via lines. By shifting their weight and manipulating control lines attached to the trailing edge of the wing, pilots can steer, climb, descend, and perform maneuvers.

Paragliding offers participants a unique perspective of the world from above, with stunning views of landscapes and a sense of freedom as they soar through the sky. It can be practiced for leisurely recreational flights, competitive events, or as a means of transportation in some remote regions.

Safety is paramount in paragliding, with pilots undergoing thorough training to learn the skills needed for takeoff, flight, and landing. Additionally, pilots adhere to strict safety guidelines and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for themselves and others.

Overall, paragliding is a thrilling and rewarding sport that allows individuals to experience the joy of flight in a relatively accessible and environmentally friendly way.

Closed shoes for an easy run on take-off. On occasion a light weather jacket can also come in handy and on those summer days a hat and a bottle of water.

Absolutely- Our pilots have been flying for over 20 years and have never lost a pair whilst flying, besides they make you look cool and keep the wind out of your eyes thus preventing them to tear up

Tandem paragliding with an experienced instructor is very safe. The equipment we use is tested and certified according to the European norm after passing stringent tests for the material and flight behavior to ensure maximum peace of mind.  Paragliding started in the 1980s as a basic form of gliding down a mountain. Today the equipment has developed to be very safe. Paragliding manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money into the technologies and designs of paragliders.

It is a legal requirement for all paraglider pilots to have a CAA pilot's license to ensure a high level of expertise. Tandem paragliding instructors need to have a special tandem flight instructor license, it takes many years of experience and a very high level of skill to obtain this license.

Paraglide Africa's instructors are highly skilled paraglider pilots. Within our team of pilots who fly for us, we have accumulated more than 20 000 paragliding flights. Our pilots are experts at assessing the weather and will only fly in safe conditions and wind. Ultimately you will not fly alone as we will be attached to you all the time and easy communication is possible during the whole lesson. 

You can fly! It is safe and fun for the whole family!

The paragliding equipment has to be operated within the manufacturer's specification, most commonly the passenger's weight can range from 20 to 125kg, depending on your pilot weight and flying conditions.

Kids over the age of 14 is welcome to join us for the Instructional tandem experience, If you have kids between the ages of 3-14 please get in touch with our staff to discuss alternative options availible.

Kids however are less fearful than adults and love the experience, please look through our Instagram on @Paraglideafrica to see videos of children flying with us regularly.

We fly with many abnormalities - medical conditions ranging from paraplegics, double bypass heart patients, spinal fusions, hearing and vision impaired, downs syndrome, and many more.  Simply tell your pilot before flying about your medical condition or situation and we will happily accommodate you!  In some cases, we might have to wait a fraction longer for a slightly more ideal wind to assist us, but we love sharing the sky with everyone.

The fear of heights is usually absent while paragliding as most people refer to vertigo.  Vertigo is the fear one experience while standing on the edge of a tall building. The fear of height and Vertigo are not the same and most passengers enjoy the flight despite having immense vertigo. (Even some pilots suffer from vertigo)

Height and tricks are not for everyone – Simply tell your pilot about your expectations and he will happily guide you to a comfortable instructional experience to suit your needs.  You can also tell him in the air about any uncomfortable situations as you would be able to easily talk with each other.

Paragliding is statistically speaking safer than driving!  Skydiving also has more speed associated with it than paragliding which entails more energy.  Paragliding relies on the equipment to function well before departure is even possible and any faults would prevent taking off.  With Skydiving, meticulous packing of the equipment is crucial and relies on a successful deployment in midair.  Any faults in the packing could be catastrophic and could force an emergency chute to be deployed. 

In Paragliding having an emergency chute is mandatory but seldomly needs to be used. 

Differences also make the 2 sports different: In Paragliding the fabric is airtight and maintains its shape with an internal pressure that ensures a good airfoil to create a flying wing that enables gliding flights as with Skydiving the fabric is porous to deal with the shock loading of the opening and then the air passes through as you descent to the landing zone.

Skydiving also has a short plane ride up to the top, often in small and maintained aircraft which increases its risks drastically.

Ultimately it is not the activity that separates the safety levels between the sports, but the pilot in command, equipment, and knowledge.

No wind is still a perfect scenario for paragliding as it allows for better thermals and sometimes even better thermic flights. 

As far as variable weather during flight, it does not affect our flight that much as we will maintain constant airspeed regardless of the meteorological wind experienced.  There are however some cases where inclement weather could affect the pilot's decision about aborting his takeoff.  Typically, this includes gust fronts, wind squalls, increasing wind speed, or a change in wind direction. All of these have visible signs to experienced pilots and can be avoided altogether

In the worst case in no wind conditions, we will simply glide steadily until we land safely. 

A paraglider does not need wind to fly, it flies because of the airfoil shape it has and the weight of the pilot hanging on the lines that are connected to the wing. When there is no wind a paraglider will just glide gently down to the bottom of the mountain and the pilot will steer it to the landing area. For a paraglider to maintain flight or gain height we do need to have either wind blowing up the slope of the mountain or thermals which is warm air rising against the mountain that also feels like wind. By making use of either thermals or wind a paraglider can maintain flight.

When booking your tandem flight, we will recommend the best time of the day to fly, a time that we know there will be wind or thermals. We want to fly you as long as possible and ensure the optimal experience.

Yes, you can!  In South Africa, there are about 600 pilots of which only about 50 are tandem instructors, which means most pilots do fly on their own. You can also fly on your own by doing a paragliding course with a registered paragliding school.

Paraglide Africa is registered as a school with the South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SAHPA), we offer paragliding training courses and no experience is needed before attending a course.

Our courses range anything from a one-day discovery paragliding course, our basic pilot course of 7-11 days, and our competent pilot, skilled pilot, and advanced pilot courses can last anything up to 4 weeks. During a course, you will learn all the theory and practical skills necessary to fly on your own and to obtain your paragliding license. During the basic course, you will do a minimum of 35 flights on your own, while under radio instruction from an instructor as well as a syllabus.

We also offer a Discover Paragliding course where you can just try out paragliding and do 2 to 4 flights on your own.

Reschedule and Cancellations

We will be in contact regardless and the office would happily assist you to schedule you in for the next good flying day.

Simply let us know and we can issue you with a voucher for next time or process a refund if needed. But next time keep in mind to book your flight early in your stay as it is weather dependent.

Please bare with us as some refunds can take up to 30 days depending on your payment method

Any More Questions?

Two Paraglide Africa Tandem Experiences flying over the beach in Wilderness South Africa
Paragliding over Sedgefield
red paraglider over Swartvlei
Garden Route - Instructional Tandem Paragliding Experience
Garden Route - Instructional Tandem Paragliding Experience

Garden Route - Instructional Tandem Paragliding Experience

Regular priceR 1,100.00
Flight category

Experience the unrivaled beauty of the Garden Route from a whole new perspective! On this instructional paragliding experience, an experienced instructor will lead you as you take to the skies, soaring and gliding through landscapes of awe-inspiring scenery and picturesque coastline.

Feel the exhilaration of flight, capture breathtaking aerial views to remember this thrilling journey, and make memories to last a lifetime!

Flight duration:

  • Standard Instructional flight: 7-15min(typically around 10 min)
  • Adventure Flight lesson: up to 20 minutes and includes a small introduction to paragliding that might include you steering the glider if the weather allows. 

Included in your tandem Flight:

  • Bookings will be confirmed telephonically after checkout
  • Book 24hrs in advance to verify weather and availability
  • An R300 booking fee is required to secure your spot
  • Reschedule free of charge (12 months valid)
  • Free shuttle back to your starting point
  • 10% Discount for groups of 4 or more on checkout
  • Convert your flight to a gift voucher if you are unable to fly on the day

Optional extras:

  • Inflight media at an additional cost of R300
  • Donations to our supporting projects at checkout
  • Apparel and clothing from Paraglide Africa on request

Cape Town - Instructional Tandem Paragliding Experience

Regular priceR 1,700.00
Flight Category

Take off from Signal Hill or Lion's Head for an experience of a lifetime! The most spectacular views of Table Mountain and picturesque coastlines along the V&A Waterfront area toward the landing point on the Seapoint Promenade. Your instructor will guide you from take-off to landing ensuring a memorable experience.

Flight duration:

  • Standard Instructional flight: 6-15min depending on the weather

Included in your tandem Instructional Flight:

  • Bookings will be confirmed telephonically after checkout
  • Book 24hrs in advance to verify weather and availability
  • An R300 booking fee is required to secure your spot
  • Reschedule free of charge (12 months valid)
  • Free shuttle back to your starting point
  • Convert your flight to a gift voucher if you are unable to fly on the day

Optional extras:

  • Inflight media at an additional cost of R300
  • Donations to our supporting projects at checkout
  • Apparel and clothing from Paraglide Africa on request
Paraglide Africa Cape Town Tandem Experience
Paraglide Africa Table Mountain view paragliding experience
Paragliding over Cape Town with Paraglide Africa
Paraglide Africa tandem experience with Lions Head view
Cape Town and Lions Head view from a paragliding experience
Cape Town Stadium from the Sky with Paraglide Africa
Table Mountain backdrop Paraglide Africa experience
Paraglide Africa over Cape Town