Sunset soaring along the coastline of Wilderness in a Paraglider

Guided holidays and Tours

See South Africa from the sky
Tour with Paraglide Africa
Tour with Paraglide Africa
Tour with Paraglide Africa
Tour with Paraglide Africa
Tour with Paraglide Africa
Tour with Paraglide Africa
Tour with Paraglide Africa
Tour with Paraglide Africa

Tour with Paraglide Africa

Regular price R 74,000.00
shipping policy
  • Dates to be confirmed with host
  • 4 Participants required to secure tour
  • Excludes airfare
  • Group rates for more than 6
  • Special pricing for non-flying participants

*Confirm dates, availability, and itinerary with the host.

Participants: 5 Maximum per tour

South Africa is a paragliding paradise which boasts a variety of long mountain ranges, flatlands, and coastal soaring ridges with warm sunny weather. With our team of professional paragliding guides and South African culture, you can be sure to have the paragliding experience of a lifetime.

Paraglide Africa offers guided paragliding tours aimed at the individual level of each pilot. We have access to various takeoff sites in the Western Cape, allowing us to fly every day.

Fly Cross Country at some of the top xc sites in the world like Porterville or do relaxed and scenic flights along the coast of the Garden Route and experience the nature, cultures, and history that makes South Africa one of the most diverse and exciting countries to travel and fly in the world.

A tour for all levels of pilots, we offer the complete full tour experience, not only will we make sure you fly every day, but we will guide you through a journey of South Africa where you will have a chance to see animals while on Safari, visit national parks, historical sites, perfect beaches and most importantly have fun and fly a lot.


  • 14 nights B&B Accommodation
  • 5 Dinners 
  • Shuttle service
  • Guided hiking and adventure activities (when not flying)
  • Paraglide Africa branded T-shirt, Cap, and goodie bag


  •  Airline transport

Why South Africa

Coastal soaring ridges

Consistent and easy flying conditions for any skill level - even if you have not flown in a while.

Land on the beach for an icecream and a swim between flights.

Warm Sunny days

Enjoy over 300 flyable days a year, generally with warm summer weather.

Fantastic winter flying locations also provides great off-season flying.

Exchange rate

With the South African rand exchanging favourable to most foreign currency you can receive the best value for money while enjoying what South Africa has to offer.

National parks and historical sites

Visit nature reserves to view the big-5 on Safari, Explore our national parks and historical sites.

Long Mountain ranges

The Outeniqua, Swartberg, Rooiberg, Hottentots Hollands range and many more offering world class flying sites

Flat land flying

Hectares of wheat fields creates the perfect flatland flying experience

Touring on tour to the western cape with Porterville and groups

Learn to fly, learn to paraglide

Equipment options

Beginner gear package
Beginner gear package
Beginner gear package
Beginner gear package

Beginner gear package

Regular price R 79,900.00
shipping policy

This Package includes all the top-of-the-range necessary equipment from Flow Paragliders to fly fully independently, during, or after your course. 

Gear included in Package:

-Flow future EN A Paraglider
-Aura Reserve 
-Flow Vissta/Kortel Cool harness 
-Helmet- Charly Loop helmet 
-Flow Paragliders Concertina bag

Having your own equipment provides a faster learning process and ensures you are comfortable with your equipment after school to continue your flying progression safely. ( get 70% off your Basic course fee of R16900)

The Flow Future ENA Paraglider is an easy, safe glider with excellent performance for its class, allowing you to successfully complete your training and progress in your flying career for years to come.

Having all the needed equipment for your training also gives you the advantage of continuously flying straight out of school!

*Please order the gear package in advance as delays in production and shipping often occur 

*Get in touch to discuss your equipment needs, sizing, and budget with one of our expert instructors

Equipment Rental

Regular price R 1,000.00
shipping policy
Simply rent one of our Flow Paraglider kits which will include everything you need to fly safely
  • Renting gear after completing your course is very easy and will get you flying safely with some of the best equipment on the market.
  • Lost luggage or simply don't feel like the hassle of traveling with your equipment through airport security.


  • EN-A glider in your size - Flow Paragliders Future
  • Flow Vissta Harness with rescue /Kortel Kool
  • Certified helmet
  • Paraglide Africa quick pack bag.
  • Baofeng radio on SAHPA Frequencies.

*Please check the availability of size.  

**Terms and conditions for damage, wear and tear.

Equipment Rental

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