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To better understand your needs and match you with the right instructor, please share with us your specific goals and aspirations for paragliding. This information will enable us to provide you with a personalized and tailored experience.
Learn to paraglide over the beach
Basic Paragliding Training
Two paraglider's learning to paraglide with Paraglide Africa
Learn to paraglide on flow paragliders and Paradise ridge
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
3 Flow Future paragliders flying side by side along the stunning coastline of Paradise ridge in Wilderness
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
student flight kleinkrantz
Basic Paragliding Training
Blue flow paraglider student kit
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training
Basic Paragliding Training

Basic Paragliding Training

Regular priceR 19,900.00

Make your dream of becoming a pilot a reality with our Basic Paragliding Training Course - the most efficient way to earn your international certification!

This comprehensive training program, combined with our advanced online learning platform, will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge for a safe and successful paragliding journey.

Paragliding has evolved drastically in the 20th century, making it an affordable, accessible, and secure way to take to the skies. It's one of the simplest forms of aeronautical sports out there!

With our hands-on practical training program, you will learn to fly solo and ultimately become a competent pilot.
You will learn basic flying techniques and maneuvers, with in-depth online theory classes and assessments to ensure you are ready to fly unsupervised. 

Upon completing the course outcomes, you can apply for your South African paragliding license(from SACAA/SAHPA) and fly unsupervised after receiving your license.  You can also apply for your international license card to be used anywhere abroad or convert it to a local license. 

Duration and Cost:

Practical Training and Online Theory:
  • 14 days R19900 (2024 dates) or R21000(2025)
  • SAHPA student membership R440
  • R85000 with the Beginners gear package (7-day free training included)
  • *if additional training days are required, they will be at a day guiding fee plus equipment rental (R1600)

In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, the initial three days will be dedicated to classroom instruction, and any extra days affected by weather will be applied toward the student's future training sessions or store credit.

Additional SAHPA licensing fees upon completion:

  • CAA License fee & SAHPA Membership R1960 (valid for 2 years)(not included)
  • IPPI 4  international license card (R200 - not included)


  • Access to all phases of our Online learning platform (paraglideafrica.moodlecloud.com/)
  • Equipment Rental
  • Ground school sessions
  • All required takeoff and site fees
  • up to 5 Instructional tandem flights
  • Theory briefings during practical training
  • Free transportation from training landing locations back to takeoff
  • 1 social dinner on us 
  • Assistance with the license application process with SACAA/SAHPA
  • Inflight footage from your instructors

Minimum Practical Requirements to Complete License Requirements

  • 35 Instructional solo flights (minimum)
  • Minimum 4 hours of accumulated airtime
  • 1 x 20min total flight duration
  • 2 x 10min thermic flights 
  • Thermalling with consecutive 360-degree turns
  • Flying with other pilots
  • Demonstrate unassisted forward launching
  • Demonstrate unassisted reverse launching
  • Rear riser steering and landing
  • Using the speed system in flight
  • Using big ears and the speed system
  • 3 Landings in a 50m diameter circle
  • Demonstrate good ground control
  • Demonstrate good landing approach and landing technique
  • Demonstrate assessing weather conditions for safe takeoff
  • Pass open book SAHPA exam -85% pass rate required

Online Theory modules

  • Principles of flight - Aerodynamics
  • Weather - Meteorology
  • Flight Management and rules of the air
  • Risk management
  • Aero Medical
  • Legal - Air law
  • Access to our online learning platform
  • Gear rental included
  • Minimum group size - 2 | Maximum - 6
  • Learn on your own equipment at discounted rates - *pre purchase essential
  • Accommodation options available in Wilderness on request
  • Our recommended training programme
  • Makes a great gift

cost and Value

There are cheaper schools than us, but no better school.

The cheapest form of aviation and one of the best value for money locations to learn.

South Africa is one of the most affordable locations to purchase equipment at a fraction of Europe.

Expert instructors

Learn from the best, world class XC pilots. Our team of experienced and certified instructors brings years of expertise to ensure you receive top-notch training

Our low student-to-instructor ratio (max 6:1) means you'll receive individualised instruction tailored to your learning pace and style.

Best Gear and equipment

Fly with confidence knowing you're using the best equipment at Paraglide Africa. We maintain modern, high-quality gear to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your training. This allows for easier, safer and faster progression.

Alternatively you can buy your own equipment and get your first 7-day training for free.

World Class Program

Paraglide Africa's training programs are based on current international best practices.

We employ a comprehensive yet systematic training program that covers everything you need to become a competent paraglider pilot. From online theory modules to practical flying skills, we'll equip you with the knowledge and techniques for a successful flying career.

Online theory platform

Unlock the sky from anywhere with Paraglide Africa's online learning platform.

Dive into comprehensive resources, expert instructional lessons that empowers you to master paragliding at your own pace.

Join our community and elevate your skills from the comfort of your own home!

Location and Flying conditions

Rated as one of the top 10 locations worldwide to learn to paraglide. We have ample coastlines that allows excellent metrological conditions for learning safely.

We learn to fly over several day to allow for learning in a variety of conditions.

Not only is the flying great the views are absolutely worth the effort of learning to fly.

Reputation and Reviews

With 100's of qualified students over the past years you can join the club at Paraglide Africa.

At Paraglide Africa, safety is our top priority. With an impeccable safety record, you can trust us to provide the safest learning environment for your paragliding journey.

Progression courses

Our Progression courses are there to help you unlock the next level of flight.

By joining our expert instructors on training events you can excel your learning under a watchful eye with ongoing support and mentoring.

Introduction Paragliding Course

Regular priceR 6,900.00

The Introduction Paragliding course offers a glimpse into the world of paragliding, allowing you to experience the sport without committing to a full license. Through a combination of ground school and solo flights, you will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of paragliding. 

Enroll in this course to obtain a SAHPA student registration, valid for 6 months to complete the requirements for the Basic paragliding license.


  • 2-3 flying days


  • Equipment Rental
  • Ground School session
  • All required site and takeoff fees
  • up to 5 Solo 'Bunny-hop' flights under instruction
  • up to 2 Solo high flights under instruction
  • up to 2 Instructional tandem flights
  • SAHPA training manual and information pack
  • In-flight media of flights if available
  • Theory briefings during practical training
  • Paraglide Africa upcycled drawstring goodie bag


  • 6-month SAHPA Student membership R440

Practical Objectives

  • Perform up to 5 Solo 'Bunny-hop' flights using the forward launch method
  • Perform up to 2 Solo high flights using the forward launch method
  • Demonstrate good layout, 5-point pre-flight checks
  • Demonstrate 90 and 180-degree turn under instruction
  • Demonstrate one unassisted landing

Online Theory modules

  • Paragliding Safety
  • Paragliding Equipment 
  • Takeoff and flying techniques
  • Logging your flights
  • Only 2-3 days
  • Access to our online learning platform
  • Phase 0 and 1 of the Basic course
  • Best way to experience Paragliding solo
  • Makes a great gift
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Introduction Paragliding Course
Learn to fly, learn to paraglide

Equipment options

Having your own equipment provides a faster learning process and ensures you are comfortable on your equipment after school to continue your flying progression safely. Get in touch to discuss your equipment needs and budget with one of our expert instructors.
Beginner gear package
Beginner gear package
Beginner gear package
Beginner gear package

Beginner gear package

Regular priceR 85,000.00

This ultimate gear package comes with high-end Flow Paragliders, ideal for independent flying before, during, and after your training course.

Gear included in Package:

  • Flow future Paraglider(EN A - school safety level)
  • Flow Vissta open seat harness
  • Aura Reserve 
  • Helmet- Charly Loop or equivalent
  • Flow Paragliders Concertina or quick pack bag
  • Get the first week of the Basic training course for free (Valued at R12000)

Having your own equipment provides a faster learning process and ensures you are comfortable with your equipment after the training course to continue your flying progression safely.

The Flow Future ENA Paraglider offers a high level of safety and performance, making it the best choice for pilots undertaking their training, as well as intermediate pilots. It provides reliability and dependable performance for progressing through ample flight hours. 

*To ensure the best possible experience, we recommend ordering the gear package ahead of time, as delays in production and shipping are not uncommon.

*Connect with our expert instructors to evaluate your gear and size requirements.

  • Get the first week of the Basic training course for free (Valued at R12000)

Equipment Rental and Guiding - Garden route only

Regular priceR 1,000.00
Our Flow Paraglider kits provide all the necessary components for a safe flying experience - just rent one!

When would you need this:

  • Renting gear after completing your course is straightforward, providing access to some of the most reliable equipment.
  • Avoid the hassle of bringing your equipment through airport security or risk losing your luggage altogether.
  • IPPI3 and below pilots require guidance from our expert instructors.
  • IPPI4+ can rent gear without instructor guidance.


  • EN-A glider in your size - Flow Paragliders Future
  • Flow Vissta Harness with rescue /Kortel Kool
  • Certified helmet
  • Paraglide Africa quick pack bag.
  • Baofeng radio on SAHPA Frequencies.


  • Our guides will assist you with a weather briefing together with a site briefing.  Some basic retrieves might be included but longer retrieves will be charged additionally. 
  • Our guides are all very experienced paraglider pilots with a great passion for flying, they might be Instructors or assistant instructor rated.

*Please confirm size availability. 

*Equipment available in the Garden Route and might require a guiding fee for students with limited flight hours or lower rated pilots.

**Terms and conditions apply for excessive damage, wear, and tear.

Equipment Rental and Guiding - Garden route only
Cross country XC Paragliding in the best places of South Africa
Guided experience to accelerate your learning

Progression Training

Not yet comfortable - We are here to guide you with our progression training.  Progressing safely towards your next flying goal. There’s no need to learn the hard way.
Make learning fun

Training Holidays

See South Africa from the Sky

Any more Questions?

Learn to fly your Paraglider

Now is the time to learn a new hobby! Take to the sky for the ultimate outdoor activity!

Our paragliding training programmes will guide you through all you need to
know from start to finish. After the training you will be a proficient pilot that can fly almost anywhere in the world with a IPPI(International proficient pilot card).

Our online learning platform ensures no important theory is missed and present it in a fun and easy to understand way to ensure everyone grasps the fundamentals of flight. The theory can be learned safely at home before arrival to allow for more practical airtime during training.

From there we progress to the practical learning in Wilderness which is ranked as one of the top 10 best places to learn in the world, with highly experienced instructors and excellent syllabus to progress to the basic pilot level. All while learning about the environment and equipment that will keep you in the sky.

In the process you might just have discover a new lifestyle and a true
love of flying.

Paragliding gives you the freedom to effortlessly fly like a bird, being
part of nature and enjoying breathtaking views. It has never been this easy to become a pilot!  It is relatively quick, cheap and easy to learn paragliding and is by far the most accessible aeronautical sport in the world.

Paragliding technology has advanced significantly in the 20th century; making the equipment safer, lighter, and with better aerodynamic performance.

With our learn to fly courses you’ll get to dive into all you  need to know to learn to fly solo.