Our course structure is designed to be easy on your pocket and systematically guide you through your paragliding career - Simply start by signing up for our "Discover Paragliding Course" below and add any additional courses.

-Discover Paragliding course - R6500 (2-3 flying days)

-Basic Paragliding Course - R10 000 (5-6 flying days)

-Competent Pilot Course - R4500 (2-3 flying days)

Upon course confirmation you will receive access to our online theory platform where you can complete all your necessary theory classes and quizzes at your own time and pace - Practical training and information sessions will then commence in the Garden Route.

"Basic Paragliding Course" and "Competent Pilot Course" can be purchased at any time during your stay - Alternatively pre-purchase any equipment or course package to receive future course discount.

Purchase your full equipment beforehand and receive a 15% discount on all future courses.

The Discover paragliding course and Basic course combined allow foreign pilots to receive their IPPI4/SAHPA rating that is internationally recognised.



Paraglide Africa's training programs are based on current international best practices, breaking down your paragliding career into easily affordable milestones.

Our online training program makes theoretical learning effortless on your laptop or smartphone from the comfort of your home.

Practical training is conducted in a professional manner in a safe learning environment at your own pace.


Paraglide Africa strives to
be industry leaders based on professionalism, best international practices, and innovative training techniques that can make anyone a competent paragliding pilot.


All Paraglide Africa's instructors have no less than 10 years of flying experience and are certified SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) instructors and members of SAHPA (South African Hang gliding and Paragliding Association).

Our Team has represented South Africa at the World-championships in the Cross country discipline.


Paraglide Africa uses the latest paragliding equipment ensuring that you reap the benefits of learning on the safest paragliding technology on the market and all our training equipment are tested regularly at our in-house testing facility.


Our training structure consists of different training programs that are individually paid for upfront making it easier on your budget over time, instead of a one-off lump sum and a big commitment.


Our instructors are all qualified tandem instructors giving you the opportunity to receive instruction in the air before and during your learning experience. Once you are flying by yourself you will be guided in the air by an instructor flying as well as an instructor on the ground via radio communication.

No other school is currently using this method.


Paragliding gives you the freedom to effortlessly fly like a bird, being part of nature and enjoying breathtaking views. Paragliding technology has advanced significantly in the 20th century, making the equipment safer, lighter, and with better aerodynamic performance. It is relatively quick, cheap and easy to learn paragliding and is by far the most accessible aeronautical sport in the world. It has never been this easy to become a pilot!


The wonderful thing about paragliding is that it forces you to observe and assess the ever-changing weather, making you more aware of your surroundings and making sense of what is happening in the air. During the years paragliding has grown extensively regarding safety, implementing various safety precautions, procedures and standards in place to keep paragliding pilots safe. We as a paragliding school regard the safety of our students as our first priority and we aim to produce safe, competent pilots with good judgment and skill levels.

Lockdown kept us indoors


Lockdown kept us indoors, now it's time to go outside and fulfil that social craving.


Paraglide Africa offers various additional courses to suit your needs and assists you to reach your best flying potential!
Consider taking our "Competent pilot course" for any continued flying after basic school level or "Cross-Country Pilot" and "Advanced Pilot" courses for more in-depth progress.

With our "Cross-Country Pilot" and "Advanced Pilot" programs we would aim to progress the pilot towards the SAHPA sport pilot rating and include theory on many complex flying subjects to prepare the student for the SAHPA Sports exam and to ensure continued pilot progression.

After completing the “Basic Course level” you could consider our following courses:

-Competent Pilot Course - R4500 (2-3 flying days)

- Cross Country Pilot course - R4500 (2 flying days)

-Advanced Pilot Course - R8500 (4 flying days)


Aimed at the competent pilot looking to cut the umbilical cord from the usual landing area and join the world of cross-country flying. This course covers thermal techniques, SA weather prediction, and micrometeorology, planning for cross country flying, and competition flying.


The course is designed for the Intermediate pilot to build his confidence and to progress to flying higher-performance gliders as well as obtain their SAPHA sport license. This course includes simulating paraglider collapses and advanced manoeuvres as well as covering more advanced theory lessons. Having your Sport license allows you to fly from more sites and opens up plenty of possibilities.


No Equipment? Visiting from abroad? We have Flow Paraglider's latest equipment for all skill levels to rent and purchase .

**Please reserve your gear early as it might be in use.


Turn your learning experience into a holiday on the beachfront, between the mountains and nature landscapes. On non flying days extra activities will be added.

**Not-flyers welcome at a discounted rate.