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Progression flying

Guided experience to accelerate your flying skills
Progression flying Academy
Progression flying Academy
Progression flying Academy
Progression flying Academy
Progression flying Academy
Progression flying Academy
Progression flying Academy

Progression flying Academy

Regular priceR 9,500.00

Designed for basic licensed pilots with limited flying experience, this product is ideal for those seeking to advance their aviation skills or:

  • do not yet feel competent or comfortable flying on their own
  • flying their own equipment for the first time
  • want to improve their flying skills
  • speed up their progression curve. 
  • Want to progress to basic thermal flights

These sessions revolve around thermal flying, active airmanship, navigating with aids, and improved launch techniques in windy conditions.

Duration: Select preferred training dates here - to be confirmed with your instructor.


  • Theory briefings during practical training
  • Maximum airtime that we can safely utilise
  • Instructional tandem flight if needed
  • Multimedia Footage if available
  • Paraglide Africa drawstring bag and stickers
  • Ground school session for improvement
  • Dedicated retrieve vehicle and driver

Possible Practical Objectives

  • Progression in thermalling skills using an instrument
  • Topping out in a thermal
  • Demonstrating good glider control at 20km + wind speed
  • Demonstrate mushroom/cobra launch
  • Demonstrate top landing
  • Demonstrate active flying techniques

Possible Theory discussions

  • Thermal theory and techniques
  • Active flying techniques
  • Flying with Instruments
  • Weather prediction
  • Dates to be confirmed with instructor
  • Group sizes of 1 to 6
  • Expert guidance for selecting appropriate weather conditions. Skysight/RASP/Windy
  • Flight planning and debriefing in various software incl. Seeyou cloud/XContest/
  • Dedicated retrieve driver
  • Our recommended training programme

Equipment Rental and Guiding - Garden route only

Regular priceR 1,000.00
Our Flow Paraglider kits provide all the necessary components for a safe flying experience - just rent one!

When would you need this:

  • Renting gear after completing your course is straightforward, providing access to some of the most reliable equipment.
  • Avoid the hassle of bringing your equipment through airport security or risk losing your luggage altogether.
  • IPPI3 and below pilots require guidance from our expert instructors.
  • IPPI4+ can rent gear without instructor guidance.


  • EN-A glider in your size - Flow Paragliders Future
  • Flow Vissta Harness with rescue /Kortel Kool
  • Certified helmet
  • Paraglide Africa quick pack bag.
  • Baofeng radio on SAHPA Frequencies.


  • Our guides will assist you with a weather briefing together with a site briefing.  Some basic retrieves might be included but longer retrieves will be charged additionally. 
  • Our guides are all very experienced paraglider pilots with a great passion for flying, they might be Instructors or assistant instructor rated.

*Please confirm size availability. 

*Equipment available in the Garden Route and might require a guiding fee for students with limited flight hours or lower rated pilots.

**Terms and conditions apply for excessive damage, wear, and tear.

Equipment Rental and Guiding - Garden route only

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