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ECO Projects and Conservation Causes

Paragliding with Birds of Prey is like encountering dolphins on a boat or tigers in a forest, but due to human interference their populations are on a drastic decline and soon could be thing of the past - Help us save the birds by supporting one of our conservation causes.

Feel the magic of flying with the Vultures by watching our friends here:


Paragliding is a breathtaking sport that allows us to experience the skies in a truly unique way. As we spiral upwards on rising thermal currents, we find ourselves in the company of these majestic creatures, effortlessly gliding and climbing alongside us. The sight of their graceful wingspan and their innate ability to navigate the invisible currents is a humbling reminder that this is where they belong. Sharing the thermal with birds of prey during a paragliding adventure is an extraordinary connection to nature that fills us with a deep sense of respect and admiration.


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VulPro - Saving Africa's vultures

Vultures face multiple man-made threats, including but not limited to poisoning, power line collisions and electrocutions, direct harvesting for cultural beliefs, and ever decreasing foraging ranges.  Some vulture species are threatened with possible extinction within our lifetime unless we can curb the ongoing downward spiral now!

Some populations have plummeted by over 90% in the past 30 years. 

Radical Raptors - Rescue, rehabilitation & release centre for wildlife and Birds of Prey

We promote Education & Awareness of wildlife and birds of prey.

Wild life rescue
Rehabilitation and Conservation
Public education
Birds of Prey and Snake awareness

    UPcycled Projects

    Paragliders have a limited lifespan and afterwards the Nylon fabric can be upcycled into some of the best garments and reusable bags. 
    When you order any of our clothing items we will ship it in one of these reusable bags. 

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