Basic Paragliding License
Basic Paragliding License
Basic Paragliding License
Basic Paragliding License
Basic Paragliding License
Basic Paragliding License
Basic Paragliding License

Basic Paragliding License

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Learn to Paraglide! It has never been this easy to become a pilot!

Paragliding technology has advanced significantly in the 20th century and has become very affordable as well as improved accessibility, aerodynamic performance, and ultimately safety turning it into the easiest aeronautical sport in the world.

With our learn-to-fly courses, you’ll get to dive into all you need to know to learn to fly solo and ultimately become a competent pilot after completing the course.
You will learn basic flying techniques and maneuvers, with in-depth theory classes and assessments. 

Upon completing this course, you can apply for your paragliding license(from SACAA/SAHPA) and fly unsupervised after receiving your license. Alternatively, keep your progression flowing with our flyaway events to safely progress under supervision.

Duration:  10 Flying days (14 days period reserved) 

  • Equipment Rental
  • Ground school session
  • 35 Instructional solo flights 
  • up to 5 Instructional tandem flights
  • Minimum 4 hours of airtime
  • Theory briefings during practical training
  • 1 Dinner on us 
  • Assitance with the license application process with SACAA/SAHPA
  • Inflight footage from your instructors
  • IPPI 4 card for international applicants possible(additional R200)


  • Minimum 4hours accumulated airtime
  • 1 x 20min total flight duration
  • 2 x 10min thermic flights 
  • Thermalling with consecutive 360 degree turns
  • Flying with other pilots
  • Demonstrate unassisted reverse launching
  • Rear riser steering and landing
  • Using the speed system in flight
  • Using big ears and the speed system
  • 3 Landings in a 50m diameter circle
  • Demonstrate good ground control
  • Demonstrate good landing approach and landing technique
  • Demonstrate assessing weather conditions for safe takeoff


  • Aerodynamics
  • Weather - Meteorology
  • Flight Management
  • Risk management
  • Aero Medical
  • Legal
  • Pass open book SAHPA exam -85% pass rate required
Theory modules and quiz:
  • Weather - Meteorology
  • Principles of Flight - Aerodynamics
  • Rules of the air and 
  • Flight Management
  • Risk management
  • Aero Medical
  • Legal -  Air law
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