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Celebrating Collaborations and Tourism Growth in the Garden Route


I'm Wilmari Nel, and I proudly represent Paraglide Africa, your local paragliding experts.

On the 19th of April, I had the distinct privilege of addressing the audience at the George Municipality Conference Center. The occasion? The George Tourism Conference, a gathering of passionate minds dedicated to enhancing this beautiful region. George Tourism, Wilderness Tourism, and Uniondale Tourism embodied the collaborative spirit that fuels the growth of tourism in the Garden Route. I'm excited to bring my presentation from that day to this blog. Now, let's dive into my presentation.

If you've seen my smile, get ready because I'm about to bring that same joy to your face, just as we do with every highflyer who soars with us in the sky.

Our Paraglide Africa Instructional Tandem Experiences offer you a front-row seat to breathtaking bird's-eye views, soaring over our picturesque landscapes, enchanting mountains, and the pristine coastline of the Garden Route. When you join us in the sky, you embark on a journey that could lead to becoming a solo paragliding pilot. It's the first step towards earning your national and international paragliding pilot's license right here in the Garden Route.

This not only leads to longer stays but also creates a community of dedicated Garden Route enthusiasts who keep coming back for more.

Our community upliftment program is a unique initiative designed to benefit individuals, accommodations, restaurants, and resellers. While we appreciate the happy flyers our partners send our way, we're constantly exploring how Paraglide Africa can drive more traffic and customers to their establishments.

One of the standout incentives we've introduced is our "BeerO'Clock" program. It's been a massive success this season, allowing our flyers to enjoy a complimentary beverage on us. Our partners have not only embraced this initiative but also had a blast participating in it. At Paraglide Africa, we're all about collaboration, and over the past two years, we've forged meaningful partnerships both nationally and internationally. Together, we're shaping a thriving and mutually beneficial community around the Garden Route.

Locally, we've proudly teamed up with Rove SA, an exciting initiative hosted by George, Wilderness, and Uniondale tourism. It has been a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the natural wonders of Sedgefield, from its serene lakes to its enchanting mountains, to a passionate audience of Rove SA followers and avid magazine readers.

Malkamper, on behalf of KykNet, embarked on a thrilling exploration of the Garden Route using a Suzuki Jimmy 4x4. During this exciting journey, we had the privilege of introducing him to the exhilarating world of paragliding. Together, we showcased the awe-inspiring Map of Africa take-off point, soaring high above the iconic Kaaimans River Bridge, and capturing the boundless beauty of Wilderness's endless coastline.

A major international highlight this season was undoubtedly our collaboration with the renowned travel show "Traveler of El Jazeera". We were thrilled to have them join us for an unforgettable flight experience, starting from our beachfront hotel take-off point. Together, we soared along our pristine and untouched coastline, all the way to Gerick's Point and back – an experience nothing short of magical!

As a result of this collaboration, our Eastern audience witnessed tremendous growth, with enthusiastic flyers from far and wide joining us for these extraordinary adventures. But that's not all!

Paraglide Africa has taken the spotlight on prime time television in the Netherlands, and it's leaving us utterly breathless. The exceptional videography has beautifully showcased the Garden Route, doing justice to its stunning landscapes and experiences.

Both TV shows dedicated over two months to capture the essence of Wilderness, Oudsthoorn, Knysna, and Sedgefield. During this time, we had an absolute blast with five of our skilled pilots sharing the skies with contestants from "Wie is die Mol," the most popular game show in the Netherlands. The excitement of our sky activities is now being broadcasted to homes across the Netherlands, making us a part of prime time television magic!

Certainly, everyone is familiar with the popular TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Well, guess what? We had the honor of hosting Sylvia Geersen from the Dutch version, De Bachelorette, on her very first date with a potential future husband. As she held the last rose, we orchestrated a match made in the sky – a paragliding adventure to remember.

Our Wilderness paragliding experience has the power to captivate anyone, just like the enchanting view from the takeoff point. But the real magic happens when you're soaring high in the sky, gazing upon the breathtaking scenery below. It's a view that leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it.

Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration, which is set to take off in Cape Town and soon expand its wings to the Garden Route! Introducing our "Corona, This is Living Campaign" – it's gearing up to make a significant impact. Our social media channels are already buzzing with excitement, and we're targeting outdoor enthusiasts with the aim of promoting, exploring, experiencing, and escaping.

Picture this: a This is Living branded Paraglider soaring high above Uniondale, Wilderness, and George. This campaign is poised to inspire countless eager explorers to take up paragliding as a sport. And what does that mean for us? It means welcoming yet more forever visitors to our stunning tourism destination, the Garden Route. I'm sure everyone here would agree that our lives in this corner of the world are, without a doubt, truly living.

At Paraglide Africa, our passion for paragliding, dedication to our clients, and commitment to collaboration drive us forward. So, the question we pose to you is this: How can Paraglide Africa support your establishment and contribute to the continued growth of the Garden Route as a must-explore destination?

I encourage you to take action today by visiting our website at and connecting with us on Instagram. We're excited to follow you back and explore the possibilities of working together!

That's all from me, Wilmari from Paraglide Africa. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to take you on a flight and create unforgettable experiences.



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