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Tandem Paragliding at the Map of Africa

 Tandem Paragliding at the Map of Africa

The Map of Africa is located at the end of Remskoen road in Wilderness Heights, on the western side of Wilderness. It is called the Map of Africa because of the great viewpoint which is located next to the paragliding take off. The viewpoint faces towards the north and overlooks the Kaaimans river curving through the dense forests and mountains, looking at the curve of the river from the viewpoint it resembles the shape of Africa as if you were looking at the African continent from space. The viewpoint is a quick walk from the Map of Africa Paragliding site and worth a quick visit and picture. (And a lucky few can see it whilst in a paraglider)

After visiting one of the Garden Route’s well-known viewpoints it is time to fly!

The 153-meter high paragliding site offers another stunning view, it overlooks the Indian Ocean and the long stretch of beaches that runs towards Sedgefield. During most months of the year, you could spot Southern Right whales from this view site. From a paraglider, you will get a great aerial view of Wilderness village as well as the Kaaimans bridge which used to see the Outeniqua choo tjoe train crossing it. The paragliding site is big and usually filled with many colorful paragliders laid out on the green grass, waiting to take off. 

On arrival look for the colorful Paraglide Africa gazebo! Our pilots are always keen to give long and exciting tandem paragliding flights. After signing up your pilot will secure you in a harness and helmet and then it is time to fly. Take-off is very easy at the Map of Africa, you will be asked to walk or run a few steps and before you know it you will glide into the air, no jumping off cliffs! 

During the flight, the pilot will fly to different parts of the mountain while pointing out some of the special sites that can be spotted in the air. You will soon realize that it is not that scary! Enjoy the slow glide through the air while appreciating the stunning view over one of the most beautiful towns on the Garden Route, and for some South Africa. 

If you have enough height your pilot will ask if you would like to do some small acrobatic maneuvers, SAY YES! It will feel like a big swing and is exciting and fun. Depending on the wind speed we might land back at the top where we took off or on the Wilderness beach, right in front of the popular Beachouse backpackers ( ). Should you land on the soft beach sand, our shuttle will drive you back up to the top.

Map of Africa is a popular site to fly, so best to book your flight today. Send Paraglide Africa a Whatsapp on 0726085574 or give us a call to make your booking.

Happy flying and travels on the Garden Route!


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