Signal hill paragliding full of Paragliders in Cape Town

Paragliding the Garden Route

Paragliding the Garden Route

Adventure is the one thing that most of us long for, something we sit and dream about, an action that we crave, it elevates our spirits and makes us feel alive! It is here in the Garden Route of South Africa that adventure is king. If you look upwards from September to May you will be mesmerized by the floating kites in the sky above you, the paragliders. The mere sight of these sky masters is a vision that fascinates many of us and the desire to join them is a rather entrancing feeling that cannot be avoided.

This daydream can turn into a reality and become a Garden Route adventure that you can add to your bucket list. It is an action-adventure that you can make your own or you can share with an experienced pilot.

Tandem paragliding is not a new invention, it has been around for a couple of decades and has made many a dream come true for those that wish to soar with the birds, feel the wind in their face and experience the freedom of flight. Attached to a pilot you will experience the sensation of the wind filling the glider as it rises above you. Your heart beats slightly faster as you start running to the edge of a hilltop and the wind scoops you and carries you up towards the blue of the sky. You shift into the bucket seat whilst beneath the glider, you establish your unique viewpoint as you drift gently over the landscape looking down at the world below. A bird’s eye view of trees, roads, water bodies, and the ocean slowly passes beneath you as you stare down at the earthy patterns so few see in the course of their everyday lives. The paragliding wing glides and turns over some of the most dramatic views in the Garden Route area and if the timing is right you might spot dolphins playing in the waves beneath you or a fish eagle soaring nearby as you share a thermal. It is here the wind becomes part of you and the thrill of freedom fills your being.

A flight ends with a slow descent, gently touching down back on mother earth.
We guarantee that the experience cannot help but generate a smile that will never leave you as you think back to this memorable moment.

For the individual that wishes to become part of such a unique group of sportsmen and women, an adventurer of the sky, the Garden Route of South Africa is the perfect place to learn this magnificent sport. From the first moment that you touch a glider and take flight on the gentle dunes of the beach, you will appreciate the thrill that so many of us experience. You suddenly realize why so many people take part in this amazing sport. The thrill of understanding the dynamics of flight and wind combined allows you to experience what a bird must feel. Paragliding is a sport in which you will continue to learn, eventually playing with the wind as you soar above the rest of the world. With a feeling of newfound freedom, exploring places from heights that you never would have imagined.

Sharing the sky with you is the one thing that we focus on. It has brought happiness to so many. Only those who leap will ever understand the freedom of flight!


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