Flow Paragliders XCRacer 2  - EN D

Flow Paragliders XCRacer 2 - EN D

Flow Paragliders XCRacer 2

I have waited sooo long for this glider and finally, after months, the day arrived! The XCRacer 2, is a complete redesign from its successor with much more performance, efficiency, and precision. 

I met up with Felipe Rezende in Europe in 2022 to catch up about his new gliders and what was coming.  I was very intrigued by the XCRacer 2 project as this was the glider I wanted to fly in the RedBull X-Alps 2023 as a lightweight version(If I was chosen).  Felipe mentioned with great excitement that on the latest prototype he might have to tone down the turning as it is just too good! Well after that I wanted one!

A redesigned airfoil with strong shark nose profiling allowed for much more pitch stability in the glider especially at speed as well as overall stability in the glider.  Similar to what has been introduced to all the new Flow Paraglider range and to what I already love in the Spectra 2.  

The steering, whether with back risers or the brakes feels natural, with great glider feedback.  The centre part of the glider flies with a very solid feeling and the tips are slightly looser to allow for some agility.  This combo makes it so much easier to chase those XC miles when it gets slightly bumpier. 

The turning is still very sharp even with the stiffer inside due to the arc and line layout.  The XCRacer 2 is made for tight thermal 

Stability and speed is remarkable due to the choice in airfoil and the characteristics it is showing allowing for tremendous speeds to be reached all while maintaining its stability throughout the range.  (Similar to the Spectra 2 which Felipe recons can go an additional 12cm before it will collapse)  

When you step on the speed it doesn't feel like an instant acceleration as one got with the Enzo 2/3, but much more of a gradual increase as the gliders stays somewhat stable throughout the acceleration transition, just gradually building into it the wind blasting past your ears.  The speedbar pressure is soft and one can easily reach that limiting strap. 

Aimed at the XC distance chaser and experienced pilot.  With a 7.0 AR, a beautiful arc, and sweep- as I always say:”If it looks sexy, it must be flying sexy’

I was flying the M at 98kg with my Skywalk X-Alps 2 harness. 

In the Box: Simply a glider in a concertina bag and outer packing bag  with repair tape with a hat and shirt

Flow has been separating all items to be sold separately, so be sure to ask your dealer to include a backpack to your order. 

If you have any more questions about this glider - get in touch with us to book a test flight at info@paraglideafrica.com





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