SkyDrop 2 - lightweight combined GPS variometer
SkyDrop 2 - lightweight combined GPS variometer
SkyDrop 2 - lightweight combined GPS variometer
SkyDrop 2 - lightweight combined GPS variometer
SkyDrop 2 - lightweight combined GPS variometer

SkyDrop 2 - lightweight combined GPS variometer

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SkyDrop Vario is a full-featured combined GPS Vario. By the way, with its 68g it is the lightest Vario with a display! SkyDrop is a middle-class instrument, dedicated to a wide range of pilots.

Functions aimed at:

  • Once the pilot is autonomous in basic skills (take off or landing), they are thirsty for air time. SkyDrop will gratefully help with this mission. It doesn't need to sit on the cockpit of a cocoon harness, or even worse - at old school leg mount. Instead of that, a riser mount puts the instrument right in front of the pilot's eyes, where they can easily read all that is needed.
  • We recommend a riser mount also for advanced pilots, due to safety reasons. When using a riser mount, the pilot can operate the device with a brake in their hand.
  • However small and lightweight SkyDrop is, we found some space for a complete set of motion sensors. Their fusion with the best available barometric sensor creates high sensitive compass or instant Vario reaction.
  • The competition pilot at the front of the leading gaggle needs reliable backup. SkyDrop generates FAI1 class IGC tracklogs and has waypoint navigation with route length optimization.
  • A Tandem pilot has very limited space for instruments, but SkyDrop on passengers' shoulders or helmet easily solves this situation.
  • Do you like hike&XC? SkyDrop with its 68 grams in combination with your mobile phone is all you need for these exciting adventures.
  • A riser mount is ideal for "always looking up" acro pilots, who also need some kind of instrument. SkyDrop can provide safety features like altitude alarms, or just G-force meter for fun. Maybe infinity tumble counter will come ;)


  • Vario - analog/digital/average, acoustic signalization, graph history
  • instant vario response
  • flight logs - IGC/KML  accepted for FAI Category 1 competitions
  • GPS - ground speed, altitude, heading, glide ratio
  • wind speed and direction
  • altimeters - 5 adjustable altimeters (relative, absolute, GPS, or QNH mode)
  • height above ground level (AGL) 
  • competition waypoint navigation with route length optimization
  • airspace violation warning
  • fully customizable - multiple screens with configurable layouts and widgets
  • Android connectivity - XCTrack, FlyMe, XCSoar, LK8000, TopHat, Sky Land Tracker, Paragliding Dashboard
  • iOS connectivity - FlySkyHy, SkyLogger, SkyLogger XXL
  • digital compass
  • G-meter
  • weak lift detection (pre-thermal sound)
  • odometer
  • bearing and distance from take-off
  • flight diary, fly time, real-time clock
  • auto take-off and landing detection
  • UART output (for E-readers connection).

Physical parameters:

  • weight 70 g (double battery model 86g)
  • dimensions 98x57x19 mm
  • battery 1150 mAh (double battery version 2000 mAh), 10-25h fly time
  • memory 16 Gb

Package contains:

  • SkyDrop variometer
  • raiser holder with adhesive hooks&loops
  • protective cordura pocket
  • micro USB cable
  • user guide
  • sticker

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