SkyBean2 -  lightweight audio variometer
SkyBean2 -  lightweight audio variometer

SkyBean2 - lightweight audio variometer

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SkyBean2 is a compact, reliable audio Vario for in-flight assistants. 

Functions aimed at:

  • Beginner pilots should focus their attention on basic pre-flight preparation, not on setting up complex flight computers. Also during flight, they must concentrate on all those new feelings and not study the actual glide ratio in flight.
  • The commercial tandem pilot doesn’t have space for large instruments, nor a need for obvious info in their well-known playground.
  • SkyBean2 can quietly stay for years resting in a harness pocket and with pleasure will do its job, then you could forget your main Vario at home.
  • Everybody now has a smartphone. Those with Android can turn their phone to a full-featured flight computer when connecting SkyBean2 as a barometric probe to the XCTrack or similar app. Suddenly, they don’t have to carry another heavy brick over the mountains.
  • Are you tired of super flashing technology all around which requires so much attention to keep it alive? Is flying just your pure natural relaxation? SkyBean2 can serve as a little undemanding assistant, which will work for hundreds of hours without energy feeding.
  • SkyBean2 is just a simple audio Vario, however, it offers plenty of advanced settings, adjustable through a friendly PC interface.


  • 3 pre-set audio profiles
  • world's best barometric sensor MS5611
  • USB interface for PC and Android connection
  • barometric data forwarding to Android app XCTrack via OTG cable
  • easy to use PC app
  • configurable audio volume and sink/lift threshold

Physical parameters:

  • weight 23 g
  • dimensions 62x28x15 mm
  • battery CR2032, 150 hours

Package contains:

  • SkyBean2 variometer with strap
  • adhesive 3M™ Dual Lock™ Mount
  • micro USB cable
  • user guide
  • sticker

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