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Cosmos2 Power (PPG, EN B)
Cosmos2 Power (PPG, EN B)

Cosmos2 Power (PPG, EN B)

Regular priceR 56,000.00

COSMOS POWER 2 is our dedicated intermediate PPG.

Nothing but a fun PPG.

Version 2 offers a wide speed range and more playful handling. Like its predecessor, It’s an efficient, stable, nimble wing and extremely fun to fly. It offers remarkable pitch stability and solidity due to our full reflex-efficient profile. Real-life tests have shown unprecedented levels of fuel consumption at low and top-end speeds. A wing that is remarkable for long-distance flights and at the same time fun to fly and play locally.


  • Shark nose full reflex profile
  • Roller Cam 2 trimmers buckles
  • Increased solidity
  • Higher top speed
  • 2D steering by default
  • Lightweight yet durable materials

More information coming soon.

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