Cosmos 2 (Low EN B)
Cosmos 2 (Low EN B)
Cosmos 2 (Low EN B)
Cosmos 2 (Low EN B)
Cosmos 2 (Low EN B)
Cosmos 2 (Low EN B)

Cosmos 2 (Low EN B)

Regular priceR 54,500.00

We are proud to introduce our brand new Cosmos2. A glider with enough performance to fly the world, be it a 200km flight in the flatlands of South Africa or big triangles in the Alps – the Cosmos2 can do it all.

Offering incredible passive safety and an easy and intuitive rear riser steering for cruising the skies and gliding from one thermal to another, Cosmos2 allows the pilot to focus more on the conditions and less on the glider overhead.


  • Shark nose profile
  • Reduced line plan
  • High passive safety
  • Excellent glide
  • Efficient speed system
  • Sweet handling

The Cosmos was designed to be nothing but a fun paraglider. With that in mind, we concentrated on the handling and the fun factor of the glider.

Coupled with a shark nose profile and reduced line plan Cosmos sits at the low end of the EN B class but still bursts in performance due to its excellent glide and a very efficient speed system.

We took time to make sure the Cosmos is a well-rounded glider for the seasoned XC pilot as well as the confident pilot fresh out of their paragliding school.

Its passive safety makes it the ideal glider for pilots who want to progress safely and gain experience as their first Cross-Country glider. It has an outstanding performance for its class and sweet handling that will entice even those pilots with more experience who often fly in the B category.

All pilots will be delighted to explore the fun factor and amazing L/D and real-world performance the Cosmos 2 delivers.

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