Tandem Training course
Tandem Training course
Tandem Training course

Tandem Training course

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Intended for the proficient pilot with a Sports rating, embarking on their path to obtain a tandem certification.


Experience the thrill of tandem training, a top-rated method for sharing our love for flying with fellow enthusiasts in the sky, and gain a valuable modern work opportunity by enrolling in this course. Learn from industry experts and advance your skills in a professional, educational environment.

Duration:  The dates for this course are flexible, and will be arranged with the instructor based on weather conditions. Ideally, a minimum of 4-7 days is recommended in order to experience a range of conditions and attend theoretical classes.


  • The Tandem Training course includes up to 21 total flights, with 3 flights as the passenger, 2 flights as Pilot-in-command, and 15 flights as either pilot or passenger depending on the lesson. There is also a final check-flight with a designated instructor once all requirements have been met.
  • Assistance is provided to register with SAHPA and mark the Tandem exam.

Possible Practical Objectives

  • Relevant equipment discussions and setup
  • Various takeoff techniques 
  • Landing techniques 
  • Glider control with the passenger
  • Strong wind factors to consider
  • Passenger safety and factors affecting passenger comfort

Possible Theory discussions

  • Weather conditions and prediction
  • Factors affecting passenger safety and comfort

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