Parakite training
Parakite training
Parakite training
Parakite training

Parakite training

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REVOLUTIONARY! The introduction of the Parakite/Mullet or Moustache style glider has opened up a whole new dimension to our flying world... Literally! One can now control up and down with a single flick of the wrist!

Specifically designed for pilots with a Basic+ rating, this course will exclusively cover the latest techniques necessary for the safe operation of your parakite as well as a theoretical class.

Duration:  +-6 hours over 1 - 3 days


  • Access to our online learning platform module on Parakites
  • 3 x 2-hour practical training to allow for a variety of conditions over 2/3 days(*if wind conditions and pilot progression allow 1 day could be utilised)
  • Radio guidance 

Possible Practical Objectives

  • Relevant equipment discussions and setup
  • Various inflation and takeoff techniques 
  • Ground-based glider control
  • The controls and flying 
  • Landing techniques 
  • Stall and stall point
  • Wind factors to consider
  • Awareness and limitations

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