Equipment Rental and Guiding - Garden route only

Equipment Rental and Guiding - Garden route only

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Our Flow Paraglider kits provide all the necessary components for a safe flying experience - just rent one!

When would you need this:

  • Renting gear after completing your course is straightforward, providing access to some of the most reliable equipment.
  • Avoid the hassle of bringing your equipment through airport security or risk losing your luggage altogether.
  • IPPI3 and below pilots require guidance from our expert instructors.
  • IPPI4+ can rent gear without instructor guidance.


  • EN-A glider in your size - Flow Paragliders Future
  • Flow Vissta Harness with rescue /Kortel Kool
  • Certified helmet
  • Paraglide Africa quick pack bag.
  • Baofeng radio on SAHPA Frequencies.


  • Our guides will assist you with a weather briefing together with a site briefing.  Some basic retrieves might be included but longer retrieves will be charged additionally. 
  • Our guides are all very experienced paraglider pilots with a great passion for flying, they might be Instructors or assistant instructor rated.

*Please confirm size availability. 

*Equipment available in the Garden Route and might require a guiding fee for students with limited flight hours or lower rated pilots.

**Terms and conditions apply for excessive damage, wear, and tear.

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