Beginner gear package
Beginner gear package
Beginner gear package
Beginner gear package

Beginner gear package

Regular priceR 85,000.00

This ultimate gear package comes with high-end Flow Paragliders, ideal for independent flying before, during, and after your training course.

Gear included in Package:

  • Flow future Paraglider(EN A - school safety level)
  • Flow Vissta open seat harness
  • Aura Reserve 
  • Helmet- Charly Loop or equivalent
  • Flow Paragliders Concertina or quick pack bag
  • Get the first week of the Basic training course for free (Valued at R12000)

Having your own equipment provides a faster learning process and ensures you are comfortable with your equipment after the training course to continue your flying progression safely.

The Flow Future ENA Paraglider offers a high level of safety and performance, making it the best choice for pilots undertaking their training, as well as intermediate pilots. It provides reliability and dependable performance for progressing through ample flight hours. 

*To ensure the best possible experience, we recommend ordering the gear package ahead of time, as delays in production and shipping are not uncommon.

*Connect with our expert instructors to evaluate your gear and size requirements.

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