10 – 14 days Become a pilot after 35 flights under expert instructional guidance. The course covers thorough lectures on paragliding theory and meteorology. We provide all needed paragliding equipment and learning material for the duration of the course with no hidden costs. After completing your flight requirements and basic license exam, you will be awarded with your SAHPA basic national pilots license. Yes, it is that easy to become a pilot!

    Feel the thrill of steering a paraglider for the first time in an interactive and practical group setting at a location near you! Once you are ready, you might even experience your first solo flight under instructor guidance. This is the start of a lifelong paragliding addiction!  
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    Tandem flight experience

    Featured! R850.00R1,300.00
    Take the front seat and experience the sensation of free flight with an experienced tandem flight instructor. You will soar like an eagle gliding over picturesque scenery, enjoying the fresh air in your face. Your instructor will guide you through the entire experience from take-off to landing and welcome you to the world of paragliding.

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    Paragliding tour with Paraglide Africa

    Featured! R1,500.00 R1,250.00

    Custom tailored Paragliding tour

    Choose how many days you want to travel Reach your maximum flying potential under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. We will ensure you get to fly in an safe environment with a guide flying alongside you while in radio contact - this is not just a drop and go service! Improve your thermalling and cross-country skills and see how easy it is to fly your personal best on a paraglider. Also available to pilots that is not yet licensed but want to have some guidance
  • Give the Gift of Flight

    Give the gift of flying! This is the ideal gift for that person that has everything or that adventure seeker looking for his next rush. Use it to purchase a tandem flight, introduction to Paragliding course or even our our clothing store.  
  • Full featured combined GPS vario
  • SkyBean2 is sensitive and durable mini audio vario that is lightweight and sensitive. Connect it to your PC for setup changes or connect it to your Android device while flying.
  • and  The Yoti2 is more fun!

    A refinement from the original Yoti. A new profile combined with new risers and a new plan shape with tweaks on cell tensioning gave the Yoti2 higher stability at lower angles of attack. The awesome handling the original Yoti is known for, remains the same.

    The Yoti2 is a mini paraglider designed for the most demanding and challenging air, its compact handling and playful characteristics will make you feel comfortable soaring in strong winds above cliffs on the coast or launching in tricky mountaintops after a good hike.

    Carrying all the amazing qualities from the Yoti2, the Yoti2 Lite is designed to pilots who seek the ultimate ease of use on the ground and agility in the air. Hike and Fly. Strong wind soaring and thermal XC flights, the Yoti2 Lite is capable of all.
  • The Flow PANORAMA is our EN B rated tandem paraglider. A glider made to share the stoke and freedom paragliding often delivers. Panorama will help you take your flight companion to that once “intangible realm” called “the dream of flight”. Easier than ever. We took attention to the flying characteristics of all flying phases. Especially the handling, which is precise and direct with great authority. Launching is remarkably easy in both nil wind and strong wind. Landing is stress-free with great retention of energy to a perfect flare at landing.
  • The Flow XCRacer is our EN D 2liner glider designed for the experienced pilot.

    XCRacer is in the vanguard of paragliding design. A glider made for champions who are chasing XC distance records or the top of the podium.

    A no-compromise project, where all the latest innovation and technologies are applied offering maximum efficiency and safety to achieve nothing less than true performance.

  • The Flow D-CHUTE is a drag parachute designed specifically to aid a quick descent rate in high performance paragliders.

    When in use, D-CHUTE will reduce the G-forces encountered in steep spiral dives therefore increasing the sink rate.

    Our drag parachute is easy to use, effective and important device to be used to lose height when needed.

    Light and compact, 195g. It is the smallest and lightest drag parachute in the market.

    The Flow D-CHUTE is a drag parachute designed specifically to aid a quick descent rate in high performance paragliders.
  • Flow Paragliders – Fusion (EN-C)

    Fusing 2-liner feeling with an EN C certification, the Flow Fusion is the first certified hybrid 3-2 liner paraglider. Feel connected like a 2-line race machine, with rear riser steering on crafted control toggles, but maintain the security and comfortable workload of an EN C glider. An optimised line configuration and unique risers enable a three-line layout in the centre of the span and a two-line layout at the tips. The resulting reduction in drag increases performance noticeably.