Tandem flying Questions

Need some convincing - What do I need to know about flying in tandem with Paraglide Africa 

Statistically speaking driving is much riskier, so is swimming in the ocean and skydiving or bungee jumping, but hey life is worth living! You will be teamed up with an experienced instructor, certified and checked equipment and only fly in weather conditions that your instructor deem safe to fly in. Paragliding is still an extreme outdoor sport with some risks associated.

-Don’t leave paragliding till your last day as it might get postponed and you miss the opportunity of a lifetime, thus book it early in your holiday.

-Paragliding is a weather dependant activity and even looking at the best weather forecast we can still get it wrong as there is many factors influencing the optimal flying environment. By making a booking we will help you to schedule the best time based on previous experience as well as your available time frame to complete the activity

-Generally speaking between 10 am and 2 pm the thermic winds allow us to have the optimal conditions for height gain although many other possibilities exists and some of the most magical flights can be done anywhere from sunrise to sunset.

We love groups, besides experiences needs to be shared. If you have 4 or more people please get in touch with us to arrange a better rate for you.

We fly with many abnormalities ranging from paraplegics, double bypass heart patients, spinal fusions, hearing and vision impaired, downs syndrome and many more. 
Simply tell your pilot before flying about your medical condition or
situation and we will happily accommodate you! 
In some case we might have to wait a fraction longer for a slightly more
ideal wind to assist us, but we absolutely love sharing the sky with you.

Your meeting point will be discussed with the booking office the night before your flight after 7pm (as we then get the latest
weather reports). The office will also advise on what to expect for the day.

Tandem flying is a great first step towards learning to fly- Simply ask your instructor for more info about the next course dates, or get in touch online.

Your tandem flight cost will be deducted from your course fee!

Special occasions calls for special
celebrations- we have many special flight packages available ranging from a marriage proposals, unique flight packages for that special person or even some extraordinary once off events! Simply get in touch to discuss what is possible!

-You could consider it an insurance policy and only pay upon safe return. You can pay your experience with cash on the day,
EFT/credit card or redeem a voucher.

-Simply complete the checkout online and select COD(Cash on delivery) to complete and secure your booking.

Our pilots will always record you inflight photo and videography and even when you have not purchased it beforehand it will be available for purchase after the flight. Besides its not every day you get to do one of the coolest activities on the planet and get to share those memorable moments with the world. A picture says a 1000 words and you have videos!

The fear of heights is usually absent while paragliding as most people refer to vertigo which is the fear one experience while standing on the edge of a tall building. The fear of height and Vertigo is not synonyms and most passengers enjoy the flight despite having immense vertigo.

N.B(even some pilots suffer from vertigo)

All tandem flights are conducted with one of our experienced pilots at the back doing all of the hard and technical work, allowing you to have a front row seat to the best adventure ever.

Sit back, relax enjoy the view!

Gliding implies that no wind is needed to fly, however a little bit of wind and thermals helps to give you a better experience and a longer flight.

We don’t need any wind to paraglide so if the wind decreases we will simply glide steadily until we land safely

Strong winds usually allows for excellent soaring conditions and allows us to easily take off as well as land.  If the wind speed increases too much then we might be forced to land early or even postpone the take-off for safety reasons.  It all depends on your pilots skills and safety culture.

Height and tricks is not for everyone – Simply tell your pilot about your expectations and he will happily guide you to a comfortable experience to suit your needs. 
You can also tell him in the air about any uncomfortable situations.

Simply walk a few steps on takeoff and enjoy the flight- the more you enjoy it the more your pilot will share with you! And on landing just be ready for a few steps of walking again.

In the Garden route we fly from:


-Map of Africa viewpoint

-Beach hotel near the Views hotel



In Cape Town area we fly from:

-Signal hill viewpoint

-Lions head

-Franschoek pass

-Paarl Rock

-Sir Lowrie's pass

-Du Toit's kloof pass

Front row seat- best enjoyed with unhindered 360 degree views from above.  Don’t worry your pilot is right behind you if you need to ask anything.

Simply find us on Google maps with the location pin we sent you and submit a google review, alternatively write and share
something cool about your experience on social media by tagging us @Paraglideafrica

Absolutely, we will be in contact anyway and would happily assist you to schedule you in for the next good flying day.

Laufen, Pǎobù(跑步),
corriendo - language barrier can not stop the excitement, very simple gestures is all that is need to convey a few basic briefing instructions- the rest is very self-explanatory.

We follow the regulations laid out by the world health organisation and ask to please adhere to them by signing into our electronic covid screening before arrival.

During the flight however you are allowed to remove your mask if you choose to.

The cost for a flight in the garden route is R850 (10-20 minutes) and R1100 (7 -15 minutes).  There is also an optional extra cost of R250 for inflight video and photography.